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First-party cookies

The first party is defined by the website you're entering the cookies and only readable by this site.

Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies are defined by other organizations and used for different services. For example, the periscope publication it is benefiting, whichever is the most popular and watched more than what region your area you displaying the appropriate publication, depending on your browser's language cookie is defined to help automatically identified by the site's language. Our website also has to be content, such as embedded content from other sites and these sites can define their own cookies.

Why should I allow cookies?

Cookies contain information that is created for the services offered to you so you can make the best direction. For example:

Live broadcasts will be shown to the periscope in your area.
Edit your browser and is displayed in an appropriate manner.
The choice of language is automatically selected according to your region.

Our Web site does not have supervision and control over third-party cookies. So it does not accept any liability for these third-party cookies. The third party to get more information you can contact the website.